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Fun music for All Occasions, Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, School Events, Church Functions and the list goes on.
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Many of the events we do are Weddings, but we do Non-Wedding events too. Every event needs fun music, a rockin sound system and dance lighting. Dance floor lighting is included with every package. My mission is to help you & your guests have fun.

Hello, my name is Anthony Xavier and I have been helping clients have fun events sense 1996. That’s me just to the left. I have worked in or around the music industry for over 35 years. Event planning, music choices and peace of mind that I am available anytime you have a question, is just part of what I do for you and your event. Give me a call with your questions @ 480-738-9968

Dance floor lighting is included with every event.

A standard lighting package is included with every event. It’s hard to party without dance floor lighting. A standard lighting kit has a total of 14 light fixtures and a mirror ball. Lot’s of light to bring a dance floor to life.cseweddings.com small wedding sound kit 1109

Lights pulsing to the beat of the music helps you feel the music visually. Seeing the music visually and feeling the music through the Bass vibrations will help you loosen up and dance.

I understand that some people just do not dance. If you are not a dancer, you will still have fun just tapping your feet or hands to the beat of the fun music and watching the lights flash.

Cool lighting and an awesome sound system, need I say more. It’s time to party!
My style of hosting is adjustable to fit your event needs.

When I meet with my clients. I ask my clients how much interaction they want from me, a lot or just a little interaction. All events will gain momentum as everyone settles in to have a good time.

cseweddings.cake.11I ask my clients how well they know the guests that will be at the event. Will the guests need help to be involved. I use an interaction scale of 1 to 5 to show how interactive I will need to be with the event. Some clients want a traditional elegant theme during the entire event. 1 = Clean without hype, and no tacky party music.

The other end of the range is 5, lot’s of party props used, tacky party songs and interactive energy = Very interactive and pumped up.

Most weddings and regular events start out at a 1, and end up at a 2 or 3 by the end of the night naturally. If guests are having trouble and need a nudge to be involved, I give them a small nudge. You do not have to dance to be part of the party. The goal is to get guests to interact with the event and have fun.

Music Planning is easy, we are ready to help you.

Music plays a big part in the success of any event. We will help you with music planning.cseweddings.08.giggles

Music planning is easy and fun. Music moves you, it brings out your emotions and shapes your memories of the event. I personalize each event to the clients needs.

Theme projects and Weddings get extra care when planning the music. We want everyone to have fun and party.

Tell us what you like, you have creative control.

As your host, it’s my job to get your event pumped up and keep your guests informed about what is coming up next.

When guest know what’s coming up next, it keeps them involved with what’s happening and they can interact with you more. Informed guests party longer, and they have more fun.

As your disc jockey, I am going to play any music that makes your guest have fun. Clean versions of music or edited radio tracks are normally used. The client can lock out any types of music they do not want played, the client has total control.

cropped-IMG_9041.jpgMany clients I work with, already know what they like. I listen to the clients music choices and then I make it fit into the event format. It is super easy.

With a wedding event, I like to stay away from music that is very dirty. A wedding is a family event, clean music is best or edited radio tracks. Remember that your wedding guests will also make requests, but under your guidance.

Music is the soundtrack of life.
Air guitar wedding moment

Don’t stop believin By: Journey – An air guitar moment is a great thing to photograph, but you should see the video footage, it’s even better than the still image.

The music you choose is a big part of the party vibe. It’s my job to make your choices of music work together. We have a large master library of music covering many decades, themes and genres. When we meet to plan out your event, we will talk about all your music needs. The right music for your event will never be an issue.

Meeting the Disc Jockey:

Weddings: I will meet with wedding clients two times before the event date. The first meeting is to get everything started and talk about the event structure. We will also get the paper work setup and secure the deposit for the event date.

cropped-IMG_9265.jpgAt the second meeting, we will talk about everything you will need for your event, music, activities, special needs and more. We talk about what limits you may want in place for your guests that will make requests.

I have a NO play list, for music you do not want played. The second meeting is all about the time line of the day. The more I know about the details of your event, the smoother your event will flow from start to finish.

Party events: Normally only need one face to face meeting, smaller details can be handled by email or with a phone call.


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