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At Center Stage Entertainment Wedding Disc Jockey Services, we have fun music for Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, and School Events. We are an all occasions DJ service.

We are ready to help you with your event needs.

Many of the events we do are weddings, but we also do many non-wedding events too. Every fun event needs fun music, and a standard lighting package is included with every event. Every Party needs fun lighting.

Fun music plays a big part in the success of your event. I will help make music planning easy and fun.

Music moves you, it brings out your emotions and shapes your memories of the event. I personalize each event to the clients needs. Theme projects and Weddings get extra care when planning the music. We want everyone to have fun and dance.

Every fun event I host is unique to the clients I work with. All events are custom-built to the clients needs. Birthdays, Weddings or Special Occasions all need careful planning to make them an event to remember.

You have total music control.

As your event host, it’s my job to get your event pumped up and keep your guests informed about what is coming up next.

As your Disc Jockey I am going to play any music that makes your guest have fun. Clean versions of music or edited radio tracks are normally used, unless the client asks for album tracks.

Many clients I work with, already know what they like. I listen to the clients music choices and then I make it fit into the event format. It is super easy.

With a wedding event, I like to stay away from music that is very sexual or has nasty dirty words in it. Clients have control over what level of content I play.

A wedding is a family event, clean music is best or I use edited radio tracks. The client sets the limit on what is Ok or not Ok.

Music is the soundtrack of life & it’s party time! 

From time to time clients ask for some crazy music and that is fine with me. Crazy music is fun too. It’s my job to make it all work together. Remember that your wedding guests will also make requests, but under your guidance.

At the second meeting, we talk about what limits you want in place for your guests that make requests. I even have a NO play list, so you can lock out things you do not want to have played. One of my other wedding day tasks is to help you stay on track. During your event you will have many things to do. So I will keep an eye on the clock to keep you on track.

Anthony Xavier @ CSE Wedding DJ Service in Phoenix, AZ

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i pod wedding?

I get 2 to 6 calls a month that the caller tells me I charge way to much, and that they would just use an i pod. Ok?

cseweddings.com i pod cluster 1196

I have trouble grasping what they are talking about. My rate is very reasonable and I show up. I know the caller does not understand what they are saying. If they knew how much work goes into doing the task correctly they would know the price is too low.

On average I spend 6 hours doing event prep and 2 hours post clean up. Then I have travel time and event time, about 12 to 16 hours on the day of the wedding. Plus I meet with every wedding client before the wedding day, to work on everything they need on the wedding day, that takes about 3 to 5 hours including travel.

On average I spend about 24 to 26 hours on each wedding project. My White Wedding package is only $600.00 for 4 hours of music & lighting services, and the White Wedding package services 130 guests. The image below is the White Wedding package plus a dance lighting kit that adds 6 more lights to the overall package. cseweddings.com small wedding sound kit 1109

So let’s do some fast math; $600.00 divided by 26 hours = 23.07 per hour.

Now divide that hourly rate in half to pay for all the expenses involved in operations. I end up with about 11.50 per hour.

So when some one says; I can do my wedding with an i pod, I say Ok. I do not need to try to win them over at that point. I just wonder why they called in the first place.

Anthony Xavier @ CSE Wedding DJ Service in Phoenix, AZ

copyright: All rights reserved @ CseWeddings.com 2013

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